2014 3/11 Kids' Photo Journal Assignment from Miyagi!

We are adding English text of The kid correspondents’ photos that were taken on 11th March this year. We hope non-Japanese readers can also enjoy the posts!


This 11th March we faced the 4th year of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident. The 311 KPJ kid correspondents went on assignment working on the theme “What I would like to pass on to people”, “What I would like people to see.” 
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3/11 Kids' Photo Journal

photo by ©Reina Tamada/Miyagi/311 Kids' Photo Journal
photo by ©Reina Tamada/Miyagi/311 Kids' Photo Journal

Mr.Senji Kagami, Mr.Ota, and Ms.Seiko Shiga have kindly visited us.

Mr. Kagami had visited us before at the evacuation centre when I lived there. And Ms.Shiga came from Aichi prefecture.

Mr. Kagami who is an acrobat in Natori city asked me by letter/ call where he can perform in Yuriage.

So we decided him to perform in Medeshima east temporary housing.

Thanks to Ms. Shiga and Mr.Ota for singing and thanks to Mr.Kagami for his acrobatics.

At the end I took this photo of everybody together.

Upper row from left: a chairman of the temporary housing, my mother, Ms.Seiko Shiga, Mr.Senji Kagami and Mr.Kagami’s Manager.

Lower row from left: Mana(My sister), Mr.Ota.

It was an enjoyable day. Thanks very much to all of you who helped to make this event.


© Reina Tamada 13 years old / Yuriage, Miyagi (311 Kids' Photo Journal)


English translation: Kazuyo Kitada

English proofreading: Peter Schonstein