2014 3/11 Kids' Photo Journal Assignment from Iwate!

We are adding English text of The kid correspondents’ photos that were taken on 11th March last year. We hope non-Japanese readers can also enjoy the posts!


On the 11th of March 2014, we faced the 4th year of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident. The 311 KPJ kid correspondents went on assignment working on the theme “What I would like to pass on to people”, “What I would like people to see.” 
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3/11 Kids' Photo Journal

photo by ©Ami Ishikawa/Iwate/311 Kids' Photo Journal


Written the letter “輝(Shine, brightness)” using candle art


I took the photo of this candle art on 11th March. I heard this letter “輝” pronounced “hikari” during this event. This letter had an important memory for the executive committee member.


I heard the background story :

This event was planned “Showing appreciation of the street “Ekimae-dori”, that will soon disappear because of releveling. By the executive committee member’s determination it was planned to light up the street how it used to be.

The member visited to a classmate’s father to discuss how they will make it happen. Actually the classmate was a victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake. They decided to use the letter “輝” that is part of this classmate’s name and pronounced “hikari (light)” for using this event name.


Ami Ishikawa 14 years old / Rikuzentakata, Iwate (311 Kids' Photo Journal)


English translation: Kazuyo Kitada

English proofreading: Peter Schonstein