Spring, 2016 - Journal from Akamae branch Vol. 1

We received the reports and photos from Mirai and Shunta Sagano from Akamae branch (Miyako, Iwate Prefecture). This theme is “The five years after the disaster”.

First report is from Mirai Sagano.


3/11 Kids’ Photo Journal




“My thoughts five years after the disaster.”


By Mirai Sagano, Miyako Fisherise High School


It is a whole 5 years since the disaster happened.

The closer to the 11th March, I was hearing this phrase almost daily.

The TV news and newspapers are reporting a lot about the progress of the last five years.


Now, we are very close to being an adult after five years.

I was an elementary school student at that time, but now I am a high-school student.

I will be an adult in one year.

Recently I often think about my future.

I would like to leave my hometown and work in the Kanto area.

Whatever happens in an unfamiliar place, I will have a disaster plan prepared to be able to respond to any circumstances that arise.

I start to think this way because this disaster has happened.

The ordinary life, the same as usual life... I am scared to think it is normal.

I would like to be an adult who can live with this experience wherever I go.



Mirai Sagano, 18 years old / Akamae, Miyako (3/11 Kids’ Photo Journal)



English translation: Kazuyo Kitada

English proofreading: Peter Schonstein