Summer 2016 - One summer afternoon in Ishinomaki, Miyagi

The afternoon of 6th August 2016, we were heading to Miyagi after meeting with Hiroki Kanno in Fukushima. We saw Tetsuya Tadano, Ishinomaki branch.

It had been one year since the last meeting, Tetsuya entered the second year of senior high school. He was training hard every day as Judo club member so he looks bigger and stronger.


Tetsuya told us that he wanted to finish 3/11 Kids' Photo Journal activity because he wants to focus on his high school life especially his judo training.

It was impressive words about his judo life which required him to train strictly everyday.

"The training is really hard. However I think it would bring the totally different result between the training with or without right attitude.  Such as 'Ah, I have to train tomorrow, no...' or 'I decide to be better or stronger.'"

It was the moment that we found again that he is the type of person who does everything with a strong will.


Tetsuya has been taking photos of the sky and nature.

This is the video where we can see Tetsuya's feeling towards taking photos.

This is the message from Tetsuya to our supporter when we had the 3/11 kid journal photo exhibition in 2013.


He is talking about the moment when he took the photo on this blog and also was used as the cover page of KPJ photo newspaper Miyagi.

He uses words - "capturing the moment."


The following is the part of his words in the video of above URL.


"I take photos mainly of the sky or nature because I can take a photo of people anytime and I can request them to have an expression. But nature is different, I cannot ask them to make an expression. So I am waiting for the moment to the moment and when I find 'this is it!' I captured the moment.


When I carefully view the photos that professional photographers have taken, I sometimes feel "Oh, I see." But I would like to take a photo that people, even children not only adults, say "Wow" instantly when they see it.  I am working on that now.


There are photos taken not only by me (in Miyagi) but also by children of Fukushima or Iwate.

Please come and look at each of these irreplaceable photos of our own hometowns."


photo by ©Tetsuya Tadano/Miyagi/311 Kids' Photo Journal
photo by ©Tetsuya Tadano/Miyagi/311 Kids' Photo Journal

向き合う / Face to Face  (October 1, 2012)



Thank you and well done Tetsuya, who has been working since 3/11 KPJ started.  

Wish you all the best for High School life especially success your judo.



3/11 Kids’ Photo Journal 



English translation: Kazuyo Kitada

English proofreading: Peter Schonstein