Summer 2016 - One summer evening in Kesennuma, Miyagi

On the evening of the 6th August 2016, us KPJ staff left Ishinomaki and headed north for our activity in Iwate for the next morning.


On the way, we dropped in Kesennuma city and had a dinner at "Taniguchi". The restaurant owner is the mother of Shota Sato who had doing KPJ activity until he graduated from senior high school.


The main purpose was to see Okami (missis) who is like sunshine.

Through the conversation with Okami, Shota has been fulfiling his dream in his days in Tokyo.

It made us happy.

And also we could meet his sister who will graduate from her senior high school next spring.

She told us about her future directions and her goals. It was exciting to listen.

Taniguchi is running the restaurant as a home-style cooking restaurant. It used to be sushi restaurant that was run by Shota's parents in Kawabarada, Kesennuma.

But the restaurant was washed away by the tsunami when Great East Japan earthquake happened.

After one and half years the restaurant was rebuilt during winter in 2014 in Aramachi, - another sad event occurred - her husband passed away. Then it closed business for a while and it reopened as a home-style restaurant.

If you have a chance to visit Kesennuma please stop by Taniguchi where you can taste local home-style cooking. As you can see in the photo you can meet beautiful and cheerful Okami.



Address: 6-5 Aramachi, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi 988-0071

Phone no.: 0226-21-3038


photo by ©Yumi Goto/311 Kids' Photo Journal
photo by ©Yumi Goto/311 Kids' Photo Journal

Mrs. Sato, beautiful and cheerful Okami of Taniguchi



3/11 Kids’ Photo Journal 



English translation: Kazuyo Kitada


English proofreading: Peter Schonstein